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Projects are conducted using SADIMEET Methodology:

Survey & Assess; Design & Implement; Maintain & Enhance; Evaluate & Tweak 


Circular no-dig organic kitchen garden with a restored geodesic dome as the centrepiece.

Chestnut paling fence, planted with edible hedge. Gates from oak and cedar, felled, milled and joined onsite.

This original 1970s Rosedale Solardome was salvaged, repaired and restored with replacement glass, stainless steel vents and fittings, and a new 3-leaf door opening with gas struts.

by Circles Design & Build. Walberswick, Suffolk 2018


With a long-term dream of becoming an artist, I began training in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield, followed by Landscape Ecology at Bournemouth and a brief spell at Bartlett School of Architecture. I undertake my work with an artist's approach with scientific understanding to engineer a durable and functional result. Conceptual designs are refined into practicable schemes.


Creating regenerative landscapes; optimal human habitats with ecological functionality, inspires me. Certified Permaculture Designer since 2009,  Woodland Crafts since 2010, Creation of Glamping Sites since 2011, World's First 15-Minute Ecological City Design, presented in Paris in 2014. I have organised three successful crowdfunding campaigns providing financial aid for natural disaster relief. 


Over 20 years practical experience in organic gardening, orchard care, hard and soft landscaping, woodland care, carpentry, building renovation and spatial design. I also studied various subjects including landscape ecology, soil ecology, environmental psychology, spatial and structural design, and geometric design. This was fuelled by an interest in Eastern and Western metaphysics.




"A joy to work with Marcus and his sensitive, creative approach to the land and life. I look forward to our next project...!"

Mrs Lindi McAlpine MSc

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher at

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