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Here's what we've been working on


Design commissions have been very varied. Ranging  from album covers to furniture, to green burial sites and gardens, to rainwater harvesting and an artesian spring collection chamber. More recently  building extensions and unusual garden buildings. I have designed and built mirror chambers and music stages, louvred airing cupboards and gun cabinets. I most enjoy designing kitchen, herb and vegetable gardens. 


I have installed many gardens, planting designs and landscapes. I have surveyed and mapped local authority greenspaces. I have also been entrusted the pleasure of planting and maintaining large formal gardens, town centre floral displays, looking after a plant nursery, and various kitchen gardens. The largest projects, a 23-acre small-holding, the most time-critical were projects at a wedding venue and several Music Festivals.


In the past I have been employed as a Lead Carpenter for Glastonbury Festival, a cabinet maker for a specialist cabinetry company in Bristol. I have made windows, doors and gates from my own designs. I am able to work with green wood in the round such as hazel, chestnut and ash, often cleaving materials, as well as seasoned, sawn timber off-the-shelf. My favourite timbers are western red cedar, ash, larch, Douglas fir, chestnut and oak.


Happy drystone walling, or building walls from block or brick. I have installed tiled walls and floors, patios, herb spirals, rockeries and so on. The largest block driveway was 1800m2 (third of an acre) for a sports car collector in France. I generally focus my work on sustainable projects, while the infrastructure around these has varied a lot. I have also reinstated a number of fireplaces for both open fires and wood burners.

More albums, with construction photos and other projects can be found in the Flickr gallery here: 

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